Moving Children out of State -Relocation

Information about relocating with your children

A.R.S. 25-408 outlines the requirements a parent must take before moving children out of state (relocating) a child more than 100 miles from their current home or out of the state of Arizona, and the rights of a parent trying to stop the move.  A parenting wanting to move  child out of state, must give proper notice to the other parent. This notice must be in writing and sent return receipt requested in order to show the court that they did notify the other parent of their intended relocation. The non-moving parent has 30 days to respond by petitioning the court to prevent relocation.

When deciding whether to permit relocation of the child the court uses the best interest factors listed in A.R.S. 25-403 along with factors related to the move itself such as, improving the child's quality of life and the impact the move will have on the relationship between the non-moving parent and the child and many others.  Whether you are the parent wanting to relocate or the parent opposing moving your child out of state, you need an experienced child custody lawyer.

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