Arizona Rules of Family Law Procedure  

 Rules for how a case should proceed through the Courts in Arizona.

Arizona Revised Statutes Title 25 

Arizona's family law statutes including divorce, child custody, spousal maintenance and other areas related to family law issues.

Arizona Child Support Guidelines 

The rules and guidelines for calculating Child Support in Arizona. 

Arizona Judicial Department- Arizona Child Support Calculator 

The worksheet used to calculate child support. You can enter the relevant information and the worksheet will calculate the child support based on the information given. The worksheet is also printable.

Parenting Time Plans  

A guideline for establishing parenting time plans based on the child's age and other relevant factors.


Clerk of Superior Court, Maricopa County  

Main page for the courts in Maricopa County - it is a great place to get started if you have any case related concerns or need to find contact information. 

Superior Court Filing Fees 

Current list of fees charged in Maricopa County for various case types and filings.

Where and How to Get Copies of Divorce Decrees and Other Court Documents  

Locations of Maricopa County Courts where you can use the Law Library to print out case documents. 

Electronic Court Record (ECR) Online  

Where you can access documents for your case without going to the courthouse. You must first register and be granted access. In order to register you will need to provide details like your address, contact information, driver's license, and accept the Terms of Service. After confirming your information you will be granted access to your case(s) only, unless you are the attorney of record or have some other reason for the Court to grant you access to a case. 

Maricopa County Superior Court Self- Service Center  

Access to Court forms, information on Protective Orders and other links to navigate Maricopa County cases.

Maricopa County Approved Provider lists  

Court Roster for Attorneys, Behavioral Health Providers, Family Court Mediators, and Real Estate Commissioners



Pima County Superior Court  

Link to Pima County Court's homepage. Access to contact information and other relevant links for cases in Pima County.

Pinal County 

Access to Pinal county Courts and other links related to Pinal County.


Parenting Classes and Counseling  

Parenting Information Program (PIP) information for Maricopa County. 

Co-Parenting With Boundaries- High Conflict Parenting Group  

Registration page for parents who need to attend a high conflict parenting class. 


State Bar of Arizona  

The website for the State Bar. You can search for an attorney here or see if an attorney is licensed in the State of Arizona.

A Judge's Guide: Making Child Centered Decisions in Custody Cases 

A treatise written for Judges to provide them with some basic thoughts and ideas on case management.

Kelly Blue Book 

Where to find out the value of your vehicle.